High Voltage

Medium Voltage

As a product and service provider, Hasilwan is one of the contractors and suppliers of Medium Voltage Substation Equipment in Malaysia. We contract and supply Metal-Clad Switchgears ranging from 12kV (Vacuum Circuit Breakers) to 36kV (Air Insulated). Besides that, Hasilwan supplies and delivers SF6 insulated Ring Main Units at a range of up to 24kV as well as Compact Substation Units ranging from 12kV to 24kV. The products that we provide are type-tested and certified in compliance with IEC standards by established international accredited testing laboratories under established STL Laboratories such as CESI (Italy), ASTA (Australia) and KEMA (Poland).
Hasilwan is also experienced in Supplying, Delivering, Installing and Commission in Medium Voltage substation components such as power transformers, cables and distribution lines. We work alongside our technological partners to ensure that we provide our clients with the best suited requirements. To further understand our technical expertise, do contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Protection, Control and Automation

Power Plant – Control Valves
Hasilwan offers Control Valves for the Power, Desalination, Oil and Gas industries. Our principal is an established manufacturer in the industry and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with certified high quality products. The range of valves have a considerable market share in the field of Power Plants in countries like Italy, South Korea, India, United Arab Emirates and other global markets.

The types of control valves offered for Power Plants are:
  • General Purpose Control Valves
  • 3 Way Valves
  • Critical Service Valves (Low & High Temperature)
  • Desuper Heaters Valves
  • Actuators Valves
  • On / Off Valves

TÜV Italia S.r.l
Equipment or Protective System
of Directive 94/9/EC
TÜV Italia S.r.l
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
TÜV Italia S.r.l
Pressure Equipment Directive
(97/23/CE) Annex III Module H
The fact that our principal designed and manufactured on its own range of valves allows us to increase flexibility to offer customers a truly unique solution to each different application requirements. Hasilwan service engineers are fully trained to provide installation and after-sales service in order to provide our customers with the assurance that the technical support required is available locally starting from training, marketing through to on-site installation and emergency servicing of our products.

Tecnoil Valve Pneumatic Actuator

Tecnoil Valve Model VP – L Rating ANSI 150-2500

Tecnoil Valve Model UT Rating ANSI 150-600

Tecnoil Valve Model UC Rating ANSI 150-600

Tecnoil Valve Model PC – H Rating ANSI 150-2500

Tecnoil Valve Model LN – L Rating ANSI 150-2500

Tecnoil Valve Model F380, F460 and F600 Single Acting and Double Acting Piston Actuator

Tecnoil Valve Diaphragm Actuator Series

Drain Valve Model D Rating ANSI 150-4500

10000 SERIES Steam Desuperheater with Spray Nozels