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  • EPCC services for HV/MV overhead lines, underground cables & substation systems at 500/275/132/33/22/11/.415kV
  • EPCC services for Protection, Control, Automation (SCADA/RTU) & Metering Systems
  • Service & Maintenance for HV/MV substations


  • EPCC services for Rooftop Solar PV Systems
  • Development & Investments for Rooftop Solar PV Systems under Net Energy Metering (NEM) / SELCO scheme
  • Development & Investments for Large Scale Solar (LSS)
  • O&M services for Rooftop Solar PV Systems


  • Bi-Fuel (Diesel-Gas) Genset Conversion System
  • Diesel Genset Starting System & components
  • HV/MV substation equipment


  • General Business & Partnership related enquiries.
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